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The guy in this truck was upset at the car in front of me, yelling and cursing all out the window, then I pull up next to him, he curse me out because I wouldn't let him cut in front of me trying to get in my lane to make a big turn to the left, I'm trying to pick my son up from school, and I get cursed out called a dumb ***, *** *** ***? !!!!! I then tell him that I'm taking a picture of him, he tells me he doesn't give a *** what I do !

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Read the tag on the truck...pfg. Apparently who rented the truck from Ryder.

You need to contact them. You're barking up the wrong tree...hence the mc (motor carrier) number on the truck.

to Anonymous #921403

You are exactly right. She has to go after PFG company and not Ryder, since this is obviously a lease tractor. Some people don't realize that Ryder is a leasing and rental company, so customers who leases or rents from Ryder doesn't work for the same company.

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